Wednesday, December 10, 2008

diagnostic 2

Out of all the superpowers in the imagination I would choose the ability to change peoples decisions. However it's obvious that this ability would have both dark and good sides to it.None the less before I would get to those daunting areas the first thing I would do is ask the very first I see to make me breakfast. Of course thier decision would be no, so theres my first use power. Now since breakfast is covered and I'll be off to a great start everyday. With that covered it will be time to get involved in more broad subjects that effect others. Something like the current college bowl selection. For some reason a few powerful people thought it was a better idea to have a computer formula pick the teams that play in the championship game. Well that would stand no more, their decisions now will reflect a playoff scenario. Instantly there should be fans rejoicing and schools fairly represented in the championship bowl chase.

Once I've gotten that practice of my ability under my belt, unfortunately it would be time to get involved in government and politics. This is where the drastic sides of dark and good meet, for each decision I change could come back to hurt millions of others.I feel the worlds main concerns are the decisions being made dealing with nuclear arms and wars. Hopefully my move to change their decisions to doing away with nuclear weapon material will not have any mal effects. Next is make sure that all leaders have came to the same decision on human rights as I have. That would be the fact that noone decided on who they were when they were born. There was no check boxes for black, white, tall, short, orient, or retarted. You just pop out whatever you pop out. It's not even until a few years later that you realize. So why feel that few are better than all others.

With these things accomplished I think it would be time to focus on myself and laying low. Changing decisions on a personal and much smaller scale. To me that is the superpower I would choose to be given when I wake up. It also seems like the ability that would benefit man-kind and myself the most.

diagnostic 1

If I was given a super power of my choosing when i awoke one morning it would be the ability to change peoples decisions. Though I feel that there is a very darkside to this power that I would have to keep in check. As greedy as it sounds I would probably ask the first person I see to make me breakfast. Of course there answer will be no, so I will get to use my power right away, and from that point on atleast I know that breakfest will always be taken care and I will have a great start to each day. Once those little things are taken care of I would move on to bigger things such as college football. The B.C.S. would be no longer because I would change the leagues stance so there would be a playoff system. This action would please many individuals instantly and put and end of a decade of computers deciding the games.After that major step unfortunately I would have to get involved in government and politics. However this would be the most grey part of having this gift. Though I would try my best to stick to my values and beliefs it would be hard to see every right path. Avoiding wars and changing leaders minds about nuclear arming seem to be at the top of everybody's mind as well as mine, so theres priorty uno. Second as far as I am concerned is human rights. If I could change peoples minds about how some are not greater than others. The decision I would put in there heads is the same one that I have came upon. Thats the fact that you are who you are by chance. There was no vote on white, black, tall, blond, orient, or retarted. You just pop out what you are and thats that. So who is anyone to shun someone for a bad draw. After conquering all those things I think I would go back to tending to myself a little more and use my ability a little more low key. Things like everyday decisions, like getting my professor to accept late work. Changing decsions is by far I feel the superpower i would choose. I feel it would serve the most good.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beaver Hunting?

Awwwwwwwwwww yes the last day of class and the final presentations!!! So the 16 weeks have finally came to an end. At this point I've gotten to know my classmates and some of their personalities, and let me tell you it goes from one extreme to the other. The best part to me however is how so me things just don't change. Like the damn light fonts on the powerpoints, hello does anybody get what that means. But hey whatever, I will definately take an eye squinting couple of minutes then have to sit through a presentation on high school musical from a GUY?!?!? As my fellow student Cordero would say _____. That mans face when the music started playing was more blank then any expression I have ever seen. Speaking of music and videos.... just like the damn font thing... when it says videos are supposed to be only a minute long....well you get it. Tell me why we had to spend 6 minutes of our lives watching a women in India, who happened to have a horrible accent, talk about eating healthy???? Seriously did you watch that video beforehand and say hmmm.. This is really good?
However thank goodness there's a few funny people to make up for the times from the above mentioned. First of all the funniest thing in class all semester would be when Whit would give his research presentation on why hunting was good. From there Paul (instructor zero) would presume to ask what else there is to hunt in VA? ......Can you see this one coming.... My man Whit hits him with the reply.. "ummm (with a smile) there's beaver and..." absolutely weak. Some readers of this might not get it but that's ok I don't care because it's only for those who do. Then the question "is there a large beaver population?" LMAO.... wow that's classic. Anyhow.. I guess you could say all that comes with the territory of college, can't have one without the other. Well that class was fun and strange at the same time but I loved it. Good bye now.

Bomb it Again

After watching the movie Bomb It today in class, it was funny to see different reactions and views on graffiti. Since I've lived in one of the most tagged cities in the world its easy to see both ends of the spectrum. When I first arrived in Prague there was nothing but graffiti everywhere, every corner, each building, roadways, you name it. My first reaction was astonishment, I wondered if there was a recent riot or something. As time went bye and I started travelling around more areas it started to seem more of pictures and art to me. Sometimes it would even bring me to laughs because the pictures would be crude or sometimes just hilarious. Still I kept wondering if it was such a problem surely they would have a task force of some sort. Not such the case, no matter the effort it would still persist. So the crowd that despises it had plenty of options. They could easily reside in part of the city that was on the outskirts and gated or move to smaller cities which have far less signatures. What it comes down to basically is if it fits the city or not. If the majority of the people dont care enought to stop it then it wont and like wise. I can honestly say that it had no major affect on my lifestyle. Better then tons of other things that they could be doing.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It Begins....

So class has now been in session for a few weeks and its not as awkard as I originally thought. Maybe my baby face helps me blend in? Turns out theres plenty of people around my age going to school a few years late. However the extra years that I have been on this earth are starting to be more prevelent. Whether it's silly questions being asked or younger ones just not even caring what the requirements of an assignment are. I figured when told not to use a light colored font then you shouldnt, but it turns out I must have missed the meaning of don't. I guess it could have changed the years I have been away from school, probably not though. As well as when the teacher is running 10 seconds late. Like race cars at a green flag they are ready to roll out of there, though my more "mature" mind reminds me that this is costing me money so maybe I should hang back a while. This class was the one I was also most worried about, since in my mind English has always been my weakside. Or atleast I have always choosen it to be. Luckily the instructor is only about a year older than me, which makes things easier to relate to when he says them. Even though he still loses me at times. All in all it seems like the journey will be interesting but challenging.